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Tarjetas de Invitación de Confirmación

Tarjetas de agradecimiento de Confirmación

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Tarjetas de Confirmación

Confirmation is a monumental moment in life, especially when friends and family are there to share the moment. This article will give you all of the guidance you need to request their attendance in style. Read on to learn more about confirmation cards, the key details that go into them, and how you can make amazing personalised confirmation cards with Optimalprint.

What Is a Holy Confirmation?

Confirmation is a sacrament in the Catholic Church and other denominations of Christianity that marks a person’s completion of their Christian initiation. It is a rite of passage for many adolescents and adults, usually taking place between the ages of 12-18.

Confirmations typically occur in a church or chapel and involve the bishop or priest administering the sacrament to those being confirmed. Family, friends, and fellow worshippers attend the ceremony to celebrate with and support the individual receiving Confirmation.

What to Include In Confirmation Invitations

Preparing for a day as big as a confirmation involves many steps. If you are doing it on a large scale, invitations should be one of them. Confirmation announcement cards are exactly what they sound like – cards intended to invite guests to the confirmation ceremony. You will want to send these at least two weeks before your event in order to give guests adequate time to prepare. Like other kinds of invitations, a confirmation card should include several key pieces of information:


Start the confirmation invitation off by addressing its recipients with a warm greeting. This can be something as simple as “dear friends and family” or more personal like “dear Uncle John and Aunt Mary”.

Name of the Confirmand

While it may seem obvious, be sure to mention who is receiving Confirmation. It is essential not only to specify the confirmand's name, but also their parental relationship to you or another guest, if applicable.

Date, Time, and Location

Now for the basics: when and where is the confirmation taking place? Outline it clearly and make sure the details are correct. If the event site has special parking or access instructions, or if it is hard to find, include these as well.

Background Information

Although it is not required, you may want to consider incorporating details about the confirmand's faith journey or the ceremony itself. This context is especially valuable if you intend to send the confirmation invitation to individuals who are not entirely familiar with the Christian faith.

RSVP Information

Include a way for guests to let you know that they will be attending. Whether it is an email address, phone number, or a website link – make sure they have a way to contact you.


End the card with a formal closure. This can be something as simple as “Sincerely” or “With love,” depending on the tone you want to set. If the invitation is from the confirmand, they could opt to sign the bottom or add a personal message.

Make Your Own Personalised Confirmation Cards

Okay – so now you know what goes into a confirmation card. Want to learn how to make one great? This section will show you how to do just that with Optimalprint.

Pick a Confirmation Card Design

Optimalprint has a large selection of base cards to choose from. They come in different shapes and sizes, as well as with several paper finish options. Start by browsing the designs and find one that speaks to you. Confirmation cards for girls, confirmation cards for boys, confirmation cards with photos, confirmation cards without photos - the choice is yours!

Personalise It

Once you have found a template that works for you, start personalising the card with your content. Our easy-to-use editor makes it easy to adjust the text, layout, and images as you wish. You can even upload photos from your computer or social media to include in the design.

Send Your Confirmation Cards to Print Production

When you are done customising your confirmation card, give it one last look-over to ensure that all the details are correct. If so, proceed to purchase and send it to our print production team. We'll handle the rest, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Optimalprint is the UK's most trusted name in professional on-demand printing services. We offer a full range of customisable card designs, from confirmation invitation cards to wedding invitations, and more. Our quality materials and customer-first attitude make us the perfect choice for all your paper printing needs. With Optimalprint, you can rest assured that your custom confirmation cards will arrive in time for the big day. Start exploring today!

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